My Little Gentleman – Suit Jacket Testing

In the last few weeks I have had a flurry of testing opportunities. I love having a chance to work with different designers and offer my proofreading and sewing skills. Testing for Amy of Peek a Boo patterns is always a pleasure and this occasion was no exception. Amy was revamping her Little Gentleman Suit Jacket and I was able to sew up a 2t during the test.
I used a piece of suiting that I had purchased at a thrift store. Sadly, I didn’t have enough to make the matching vest but Amy has patterns for all 3 pieces so your little gentleman can be prepared for the most formal of occasions. Her directions and photos talk you through the complicated steps like attaching the lining to the outer layer at the cuffs and how to sew the vent in the back. I love how that touch makes it look just like an adult jacket.

I am also kind of excited that this pattern gives me an excuse to buy a tailor’s ham. I need to find one somewhere because pressing those shoulders is impossible without one! Most of all, I am so happy that he loves it and he will be looking quite dapper for Easter this year!


Bottoms Up Pants

Also in November I did some testing for Jess of If Only They Would Nap. This was her first pattern and testing for her was a joy! The Bottoms Up pants are designed to be a simple to sew pants pattern with extra room to cover the fluffy rear of a cloth diapered baby or toddler. The pattern fit great and the directions were awesome. I used a large pair of corduroy pants for the main fabric and a novelty robot fabric to make fun pockets.
Love how this picture!
This picture shows just how happy pockets make kids!
The pattern fit great and I couldn’t stop with one.

Here is my second pair. On this pair I serged wrong sides together then top stitched the seam allowance down on the side seams. The fabric is sweatshirt material fused with microfleece and I wanted it to be super soft inside. I love how it turned out. My husband keeps trying to figure how I can make a pair in his size. I should have bought more of that material when I found it at the warehouse sale!
Turns out I couldn’t stop there. Fortunately, Emmett needed pants.
Here he is wearing the brown cords on Thanksgiving.

He might need a few more pairs of pants to match the shirts I am currently working on for our Disney trip. Guess what pattern I will be reaching for? Want the pattern? You can find it here.
Have you ever started with a new pattern and not been able to stop?

Catching up! The PJ post

Happy New Year! I am going to try and write a few posts to catch up on some of my sewing that I never shared back during the end of 2014.
Way back in November and December I did a bunch of PJ sewing. I got the Happy Feet sewing pattern from Peek a boo patterns which solved a big problem at our house. As the weather got cooler, we discovered that my 2 year old was not willing to wear 1 piece pjs. He also wouldn’t keep socks on at night and this was leading to me being woken often late at night by a chilly little boy.
Lots of sewing pj’s led to some very silly night time photo shoots.

Here is a pair made from some thrifted adult pjs.
This pair is flannel with upcycled t shirt knit for arms and the tops of the feet.
These were made with ABC knit fabric I bought forever ago at a thrift store and fleece cut from a snuggy of all things. I don’t recommend the reusing the fleece. It has not held up well to washing.

Looks like those happy feet really made him happy!

These were made from a knit remnant and some thrifted pjs. This was while they still had feet. Turns out my daughter hates sleeping in footy pj’s so the feet were removed after a few wears. Since the knit won’t fray, it was a simple chop. She loves them now.

I also made some Christmas pj’s. I hope I got pictures of them. Will have to look and see what I can find. Will be back soon with more to share! Thanks for reading.

Think Ruffles: my day!

Many thanks to Mdm. Samm from Sew We Quilt and Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy for organizing and cheering us on through this hop. I have loved seeing everyone’s ruffled creations and now it is my turn to share.
Here is what I ended up with:
A fabulously frilly and ruffly outfit for my little girl who loves to play in the mud but wants to look as girlie as possible while she does it!
I used a pair of pants that I had scored from the thrift store a while back. They were very inexpensive because they were missing a button but check out the brand!
I started with a skirt pattern from Octtobre magazine. It was my first time using one of their patterns and I was nervous. If you haven’t seen one you might be wondering why. Here is why:
This page has the patterns in lots of sizes for lots of patterns including the ones I needed. Fortunately they are color coded and when I stopped panicking and took my time, I ended up with this.
The ruffles in the back are made by cutting U shaped pieces of fabric and straightening them as you sew them on. I had to read the manual and rethread my serger 3 times but I got the rolled hem on those ruffles!
I used a spare strip of floral fabric and made a double ruffle to add the flower on the store bought t-shirt. I am proud of my free hand stem and leaves on the shirt. It was my first time “doodling” with thread on my sewing machine and I loved how it turned out. Lastly, no ruffles but I whipped up a quick pair of sweater leggings from a thrift store sweater and the Go-To leggings pattern that I love to use. The leggings will keep her warm enough until our South Carolina spring really gets rolling! I am thrilled with how this outfit turned out. I love it! My daughter loves it!
Even the chickens love it. They kept following her and trying to peck the ruffles.

Thanks for coming by to see what I made. I hope you come back again soon.

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A big thank you and a quick link up!

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying all of the posts on the Hugs and Kisses blog hop. While I was there, I entered a giveaway at Sandy’s lovely blog Upstairs Hobby Room and I won! My prize was a $25 credit to Zipit an awesome zipper store on etsy. Jennie was so sweet and made it easy for me to email her my order. It came quickly and wow I am excited. I love finding neat zippers at thrift stores but this package of rainbow goodness might make me a new zipper addict!
Look at all this! I was amazed how far $25 dollars went in her shop.
She threw in a beautiful zipper pull and a fortune telling fish that my daughter is going to claim as soon as she sees it!
So thank you thank you to Sandy and Jennie and if you are in need of zippers, Zipit is the place to go!

In other news, Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts is hosting a link up for people to show off how they travel “crafty.” I had to take a chance to share my camera strap.
I made it for our Disney trip and put it on flickr but never got around to blogging about it. I used leftover scraps from Annabelle’s twirly skirt and loved how it turned out. I followed a tutorial from lbg studio but adapted it for my small lens cap. I love that it has a pocket on each end to hold the lens cap and spare battery.
I wore it all over Disney World and the corduroy was definitely comfy against my skin.
PicMonkey Collage
Thanks for the chance to link up! Head over to Ellison Lane to see other great crafty traveler’s creations.

Mad about Ruffles — Think Ruffles!

I am super excited to be taking part in my first Blog hop from Mdm. Sam of Sew we Quilt. From March 5th through the 14, check out the hop to see lots and lots of ruffles. I have loved reading along with all of these hops from Mdm. Sam for a while. With a little girl who loves all things ruffled, I knew this one was too good to pass up. Stop by on March 11th to see what I dream up.

Kids Clothes Week Days 5/6

On Friday I pulled out the pattern for the Sally Dress from Very Shannon. I won this pattern a while back from Jess of If Only They Would Nap. Click here if you want to see her adorable version. This pattern is so cute and I knew Annabelle would love the big pockets. She needed a few simpler dresses so she could wear some of the cute patterned tights she got for Christmas and I had a giant corduroy skirt that I snagged from the thrift store quarter bin a few weeks ago. The skirt had buttons down the front. I was determined to keep the button placket for the back of the dress and I wanted to be able to still use the buttons, so I had to make a few changes to the pattern. It would have been a much simpler sew as the pattern was written. I especially like how the gathered seam allowance for the skirt are tucked between the bodice layers. This makes it look very clean on the inside. And then the square neckline comes together with these cute points at the shoulders. I love that too!
Here are the buttons:
I made the sleeveless version figuring that Annabelle could wear it with a shirt underneath. Although A is growing out of a size 4 in some store bought clothes, her measurements put her squarely in the size 4 pattern. I am very pleased with the fit. I cut the skirt a little long hoping it will work for a bit longer. The raindrop fabric was one I bought by the pound from the remnant bin at All About Fabrics. I love the modern colors and she does love the big pockets!

She tried it on Saturday and pouted when I made her take it off. She wore it to church on Sunday and I grabbed these quick pictures outside the restaurant before we headed for home.
That was my final Kids Clothes week finish as Sunday I had a headache and used naptime to catch a nap in the lazy boy. It was wonderful and I am not sorry at all! I am still working on one more pair of skinny jeans then I am going to take a break sewing clothes and get back to quilting for a bit. I am hoping to finish an ancient WIP (work in progress). I started it in 2005 or 2006. It is definitely time!