Catching up! The PJ post

Happy New Year! I am going to try and write a few posts to catch up on some of my sewing that I never shared back during the end of 2014.
Way back in November and December I did a bunch of PJ sewing. I got the Happy Feet sewing pattern from Peek a boo patterns which solved a big problem at our house. As the weather got cooler, we discovered that my 2 year old was not willing to wear 1 piece pjs. He also wouldn’t keep socks on at night and this was leading to me being woken often late at night by a chilly little boy.
Lots of sewing pj’s led to some very silly night time photo shoots.

Here is a pair made from some thrifted adult pjs.
This pair is flannel with upcycled t shirt knit for arms and the tops of the feet.
These were made with ABC knit fabric I bought forever ago at a thrift store and fleece cut from a snuggy of all things. I don’t recommend the reusing the fleece. It has not held up well to washing.

Looks like those happy feet really made him happy!

These were made from a knit remnant and some thrifted pjs. This was while they still had feet. Turns out my daughter hates sleeping in footy pj’s so the feet were removed after a few wears. Since the knit won’t fray, it was a simple chop. She loves them now.

I also made some Christmas pj’s. I hope I got pictures of them. Will have to look and see what I can find. Will be back soon with more to share! Thanks for reading.


Christmas pj

My dream of coordinating family pj’s fell apart after I realized that I very carefully cut out two left legs for my husband’s flannel pants. While I think he was secretly relieved, I will still hold out hope to make this happen someday. For this year, I just have a few pictures of these cuties to share!

Annabelle’s gown uses the Peek-a-Boo patterns Sugar Plum nightgown pattern and features the first buttonholes I have sewn on my new machine! I love the old fashioned lines of this gown. I added a little length to make sure it would keep her warm. I almost wish I added even more. But she was so cute in it I couldn’t pick just one picture!
For Emmett’s pj’s I used a self drafted pattern similar to the one I used for his cargo pants from the Disney trip. The shirt is a mash up of two patterns from Peek-a-Boo. It is mostly the hangout hoodie but it has the neckline from the classic sweatshirt. The gray knit was a super soft long sleeved t shirt picked up at a thrift store. The red flannel and the gray polar bear flannel came from the black Friday Joann sale.
Love the polar bear on the pocket!