Catching up! The PJ post

Happy New Year! I am going to try and write a few posts to catch up on some of my sewing that I never shared back during the end of 2014.
Way back in November and December I did a bunch of PJ sewing. I got the Happy Feet sewing pattern from Peek a boo patterns which solved a big problem at our house. As the weather got cooler, we discovered that my 2 year old was not willing to wear 1 piece pjs. He also wouldn’t keep socks on at night and this was leading to me being woken often late at night by a chilly little boy.
Lots of sewing pj’s led to some very silly night time photo shoots.

Here is a pair made from some thrifted adult pjs.
This pair is flannel with upcycled t shirt knit for arms and the tops of the feet.
These were made with ABC knit fabric I bought forever ago at a thrift store and fleece cut from a snuggy of all things. I don’t recommend the reusing the fleece. It has not held up well to washing.

Looks like those happy feet really made him happy!

These were made from a knit remnant and some thrifted pjs. This was while they still had feet. Turns out my daughter hates sleeping in footy pj’s so the feet were removed after a few wears. Since the knit won’t fray, it was a simple chop. She loves them now.

I also made some Christmas pj’s. I hope I got pictures of them. Will have to look and see what I can find. Will be back soon with more to share! Thanks for reading.


Disney style

While Annabelle was showing off her princess gowns and twirly skirts, Emmett was enjoying Disney World in style too.  Looking back at the pictures from the trip, I did find that an almost-walking infant is tough to photograph and a few outfits had no pictures at all.  I need to go back and stick him in those outfits and get some pictures quickly before he outgrows them!

I combined a lot of ideas into a self drafted cargo pants pattern.  I wanted to be able to use fun character prints on an elastic waist pair of pants but I didn’t want it to look like he was wearing pajamas every day.  I used corduroy for the main panels of the pants and some Kermit the Frog and pirates for the side panels.

Here he is at Hollywood Studios:


and at the Magic Kingdom:


I also made a few upcycled t-shirt rompers and here we run into the photo disaster.  This is the best picture I have of this outfit!


The blue shirt was a shirt from the Disney Store (left over from my Dad’s clearance shopping back when he worked there).  It was at the bottom of my t-shirt drawer with the tags still on it.  Since I have moved at least 3 times since he worked there it was definitely time to take a drastic step.  This pattern was another self drafted one and I used it for a few different outfits.


This one didn’t get photographed at all while at Disney but doubled as his Halloween costume and I love how he looked with his big sister’s yellow socks stretched over his shoes!

He had a few other embroidered onesies to round out his Disney wardrobe.  I lucked out and got a big pack on clearance so I didn’t feel too guilty about making so many shirts that probably won’t get to much wear.

I will leave you with this one.  This is the smile of a Clemson fan on the last morning we were undefeated:


After all this time…


There is no way to catch up on everything!  I will try and fill you in on all of the major life changes over the next few posts but I am sure to miss a few things.

For now I am going to jump in with why I decided to bring this blog back from hiatus.  I have been reading and enjoying so many sewing blogs and realized that I could use my little corner of the world to share my creations.  Lately the sewing room has been all about one thing.  We leave for Disney World in 15 days (not that I am counting) and I have been sewing princess dresses, Mickey twirly skirts and rompers, and embroidering t-shirts and onesies like crazy.  I know all this sewing for one trip is so silly but it is harmless fun and it keeps me plenty busy.  Plus we are definitely set for Halloween costumes around here this year.  Then I heard about Selfish sewing week hosted by imagine gnats and Made with Moxie and I knew it was time to think about me!  So my new camera got some bling this week and now I will be all decked out for the trip too!


I roughly followed a tutorial from {LBG Studio} and I love how it turned out.  Since my camera is a mirrorless Olympus it has a smaller strap and lens cover so I made my cover a little narrower.  My favorite part is the pocket to hold that little tiny lens cap so I won’t forever be hunting for it.


I put a second pocket on the other side to hold the spare battery and now I am set for a day of taking pictures in the parks!


Thanks to imagine gnats and Made with Moxie for the push to sew for myself for one afternoon.  In only one naptime, I made something I love.  For now it is time to get back to sewing.  I will be back soon with some life updates and some more pictures of the Disney sewathon going  on at our house right now!