Plum Princess Purse and Gloves testing

Last week I had the pleasure of testing the Plum Princess Purse and Gloves pattern for Angela of ZuzzyPatterns.  This was one of those quick sews that makes you feel so proud when you are done.  I was skeptical starting, thinking there was no way my gloves would turn out but I followed her simple directions and ended up with this!


I couldn’t believe it either! I can’t take complete credit.  My fabulous model also picked great fabric for the gloves. It is from a thrift store shirt, I first used to line a super hero cape last Christmas.  I don’t have many scraps left now but I am saving them because this stretchy red with stars is fabulous.  I still have the wonderful star buttons looking for a good home.  The fabric lead us outside for  a super hero photo shoot.   At first when I told her to be a super hero she said, “What?”


After some coaching she got into it.  Here she is using her super hero powers:

to climb the walls


to fly


and to battle the bad guys.


I have to admit, being able to sew these up made me feel like a sewing super hero.  Angela wrote a very clear and beginner friendly pattern.  It really does sew up quickly.  I have already made a second pair in a fuzzy knit that sort of makes me think of cookie monster.


You can find this pattern here on Etsy and for only 6 dollars you get the pattern for the gloves and a sweet little dress up purse.  This would be great for sewing up a quick Christmas gift for all of the little super heros (or princesses) on your list.  I can tell you that the purse is also a quick and fun sew but I can’t show my pictures of it quite yet!

What have you done lately with your super powers?

PS. I linked up with Sew + Show at StraightGrain!


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