Think Ruffles: my day!

Many thanks to Mdm. Samm from Sew We Quilt and Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy for organizing and cheering us on through this hop. I have loved seeing everyone’s ruffled creations and now it is my turn to share.
Here is what I ended up with:
A fabulously frilly and ruffly outfit for my little girl who loves to play in the mud but wants to look as girlie as possible while she does it!
I used a pair of pants that I had scored from the thrift store a while back. They were very inexpensive because they were missing a button but check out the brand!
I started with a skirt pattern from Octtobre magazine. It was my first time using one of their patterns and I was nervous. If you haven’t seen one you might be wondering why. Here is why:
This page has the patterns in lots of sizes for lots of patterns including the ones I needed. Fortunately they are color coded and when I stopped panicking and took my time, I ended up with this.
The ruffles in the back are made by cutting U shaped pieces of fabric and straightening them as you sew them on. I had to read the manual and rethread my serger 3 times but I got the rolled hem on those ruffles!
I used a spare strip of floral fabric and made a double ruffle to add the flower on the store bought t-shirt. I am proud of my free hand stem and leaves on the shirt. It was my first time “doodling” with thread on my sewing machine and I loved how it turned out. Lastly, no ruffles but I whipped up a quick pair of sweater leggings from a thrift store sweater and the Go-To leggings pattern that I love to use. The leggings will keep her warm enough until our South Carolina spring really gets rolling! I am thrilled with how this outfit turned out. I love it! My daughter loves it!
Even the chickens love it. They kept following her and trying to peck the ruffles.

Thanks for coming by to see what I made. I hope you come back again soon.

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49 thoughts on “Think Ruffles: my day!

  1. You have a beautiful daughter who has a beautiful skirt and outfit made by her beautiful mother. How perfectly wonderful. The photo with the chickens is my favorite. Thanks for the smiles … 🙂 Pat

  2. That is the cutest outfit and a great way to recycle, even the leggings from a sweater, sew creative! Thank you for sharing. Judy B

  3. What a very sweet outfit for a very beautiful girl. You had a great little model in your daughter and I bet she loves it when you sew for her. Ruffles and little girls just go together so well. Oh, the big girls love ruffles, too. We just don’t model them as well…

  4. Whooops! I put my comment on yesterday’s post! I really do love your ruffles…especially on project like this…where there is a smile!!! GREAT JOB!

  5. What an adorable little outfit…I love your daffodils too…we are still up to our necks in snow so any sign of spring makes me hope it is just around the corner! 🙂

  6. What an Adorable lil’ model!!! Creative skirt!! Funny the chickens liked it too! lol
    The daffodils sure make me wish for sunshine & flowers..Beautiful pictures!! (We are under a Winter Storm Watch for tomorrow thru Thurs. mornin’ here///lol)

  7. How clever you are and your model looks quite happy to be showing off your creation. May that continue, LOL! I think I would have freaked out looking at all those lines on the pattern. Yikes!

  8. Loved that last pic of your daughter with the chickens about! Yikes! I can see why that pattern was intimidating but you got great results and the ruffles were perfectly adorable. What is your go-to pattern for leggings? I’d love to make some for my grands.

  9. The girlie skirt is perfect for your cutie! I can tell she is absolutely thrilled with it. The pix are great! I love the pic with the jonquil. Oh, what we miss from our childhood! A wonderful job of doodling on the sweatshirt. Thanks for participating in the hop and being a great inspiration.

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