Kids Clothes Week Days 5/6

On Friday I pulled out the pattern for the Sally Dress from Very Shannon. I won this pattern a while back from Jess of If Only They Would Nap. Click here if you want to see her adorable version. This pattern is so cute and I knew Annabelle would love the big pockets. She needed a few simpler dresses so she could wear some of the cute patterned tights she got for Christmas and I had a giant corduroy skirt that I snagged from the thrift store quarter bin a few weeks ago. The skirt had buttons down the front. I was determined to keep the button placket for the back of the dress and I wanted to be able to still use the buttons, so I had to make a few changes to the pattern. It would have been a much simpler sew as the pattern was written. I especially like how the gathered seam allowance for the skirt are tucked between the bodice layers. This makes it look very clean on the inside. And then the square neckline comes together with these cute points at the shoulders. I love that too!
Here are the buttons:
I made the sleeveless version figuring that Annabelle could wear it with a shirt underneath. Although A is growing out of a size 4 in some store bought clothes, her measurements put her squarely in the size 4 pattern. I am very pleased with the fit. I cut the skirt a little long hoping it will work for a bit longer. The raindrop fabric was one I bought by the pound from the remnant bin at All About Fabrics. I love the modern colors and she does love the big pockets!

She tried it on Saturday and pouted when I made her take it off. She wore it to church on Sunday and I grabbed these quick pictures outside the restaurant before we headed for home.
That was my final Kids Clothes week finish as Sunday I had a headache and used naptime to catch a nap in the lazy boy. It was wonderful and I am not sorry at all! I am still working on one more pair of skinny jeans then I am going to take a break sewing clothes and get back to quilting for a bit. I am hoping to finish an ancient WIP (work in progress). I started it in 2005 or 2006. It is definitely time!