Kids Clothes Week Day 3/4

Day 3 could also have been called the day I didn’t get anything finished! I sewed for a full 2 episodes of Season one of Downton Abbey. (I got it from the library and am finally catching up.) This was my first time trying the Skinny Jeans pattern from Peek A Boo patterns. The directions were great but there are a lot of pieces and a lot of top stitching. I was able to cut all of the pieces out of a thrifted pair of patterned cords. I did continue my character fabric theme by using some Tinkerbell fabric for the pocket linings.

On Day 4, I broke my self imposed rule and sewed for a little while before nap time. I wanted to get the jeans together so A could try them on before I added the waistband. I was pleased they fit. They are a little looser than I expected but I think that is better for her. True skinny jeans might not get the wear that I am hoping these get. During naptime, I finished them up and after naptime, Annabelle helped me go through the button box in search of the perfect button. She begged to wear them and happily wore them on her field trip to Publix the next day. She had a blast on the field trip but all of my pictures include her classmates. So here are a few shots of the pants minus the girl!

Love the details!

After finishing up the pants it was time to do a little more sewing for my little guy so I grabbed a waffle knit henley shirt my mom had brought down. It had a cute Disney embroidery but they hadn’t stabilized the fabric well enough and the embroidery hung heavy on the not so stable waffle knit. So I cut a t-shirt from my favorite mashed up t-shirt pattern avoiding the embroidery and grabbed a saved blue collar from my mason jar of t-shirt collars. I guess not everyone has one of those but if you do enough upcycling you start saving these things! Sadly, when I started putting the shirt, it was just boring! I knew from the original shirt that embroidery would be tricky so after thinking for a bit I pulled down my box of ribbon. I wished I had realized I would be doing this before I picked a collar but since I was stuck with the blue collar it was easy to pick the only ribbon that matched.
I picked one motif to make a patch for the hem. It sewed on so nicely I decided to add the stripes down the arms.
I hadn’t added the sleeves yet so it was easy to apply the ribbon first and have the raw ends on the shoulders tucked into the seam. Since I cut the sleeves to use the existing cuffs, I just cut the ribbon long and rolled it under before I sewed it. He loves the shirt and loves to show me Lightening McQueen on his sleeves. Store bought shirts are always too short on the sleeves so I might have overcompensated with these. That is ok. Next week his arms will be longer. They grow so fast!