Kids Clothes week Day 2

So I had a blast during Kids Clothes Week but I learned I really can’t multitask. I enjoyed my sewing time and feel really proud of what I got made but didn’t do such a good job sharing it. So here I am a week later and I figure I can spend this week catching up on the blog.
On Day 2 I did tackle the very twisted Hello Kitty t-shirt. After I cut it straight, I used some leftovers from the Tinkerbell shirt and another black tshirt to piece this together.
This girl loves some Hello Kitty!

There was no reusing this hem! My ruler is on the grain line of the fabric.

All of my photos were photobombed by my littlest helper. It is almost like you can hear him saying, “Come on Mom, sew something for me.” So I did! I grabbed my Lullaby Line Pants pattern from Peek a boo patterns and a cute John Deere tshirt.
Using the existing hem, I could just squeak out a pair of 18 month pants. These come together so fast, especially using the hem shortcut. There was no way I could convince him to turn for a shot of the logo but I did get it placed nicely on his hip.
While I was snowing the sunset and the snow really started to fall. Both kids were pressed against the windows watching it come down!