Kids Clothes Week Day 1

It is Kids Clothes Week and I am trying to play along for the first time. The goal is to spend an hour sewing kids clothes every day for a week. I am not sure how to fit in sewing and blogging but we will see how it goes.
I have all sorts of ambitious plans but on day one I did get one thing finished.
Sometimes I can have all the grand ideas in the world but it can get trumped in a heartbeat by a cartoon character. When I found the adult sized Tinkerbell shirt at the thrift store, I knew Annabelle would love it. She did! What more can a sewing mommy hope for?
I have some more ideas for tomorrow.
I have this very twisted tank top on the cutting board. It was made so far off the grain that there is no way I can keep the existing hem. I wonder if it ever fit anyone very well at all!
Then I am hoping to turn this pair of very busy cords into a pair of skinny jeans for Annabelle. It is a new pattern for me and I am looking forward to the challenge.

For now I need to run. I have a crock pot full of milk to turn into yogurt and then I am going to try and sneak in a little more sewing time!
kid's clothes week

Anyone else sewing along?


3 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week Day 1

  1. No, not sewing here, but all you sewing ladies are doing a good job of helping me feel guilty … er … motivated (haha!) to sew, one of these days. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy viewing your creativity!

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