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Many thanks to Vicki at 2 Bags Full for hosting the Grow Your Blog blog hop!

2 Bags Full

For the folks who know me, click on the button above to find other bloggers who are looking to reach out and find a bigger audience. For anyone new here, welcome! I hope you like what you find and would love to have you follow me on any of the little handy buttons on the sidebar.

My name is Mary Ann and Little House on the Dairy is a blog I created originally to help me feel a little more connected to the world after we moved out to a very rural part of western South Carolina. Fairly quickly, we settled into life here and I found that this blog needed to evolve. It has become a place where I share my creations from my sewing room. I love my family and friends and they are great at looking impressed and are so kind with their compliments when I show off something I have sewn. Still, I am hoping this blog will give me a way to reach out to people who are a little crazy in the same way I am and we can inspire each other as we create things we love.

As for what I create, I love to sew and quilt. I sew a lot for my kids and I love using upcycled materials from thrift stores and hand me downs whenever possible. While I love reading blogs where people sew using gorgeous high end fabric, I love showing people that you can create something wonderful without spending a fortune.

Here are a few of the things I have shared here:
Advent Calendar from Felted Wool Sweaters


Sparkly Sweater to leggings refashion

A Perfect Refashion

Of course I get off topic every now and then so stick around to occasionally hear about honey bees, chickens, preschoolers, or any other wild animals I come across living out here at The Little House on the Dairy!


37 thoughts on “Grow Your Blog

  1. Hi Mary Ann,

    I’m visiting from the Grow Your Blog party. It is nice to meet you. I wish I had learned how to sew. I am more into papercrafts. Your daughter is adorable! I plan to look around a bit more and then be on my way to visit the others. I do hope you will stop by for a visit and enter my giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs – Donna

  2. Ooo, I am loving the refashions! I’m mostly a papercrafter myself, but DH and I have been taking sewing lessons together and I am crushing on your designs. 🙂 Love your blog name too. DH has a working dairy in his family, so of course I had to hop by and I am so glad I did!!

  3. Hey Mary Ann
    I love that you re-use all that you can. That advent calendar looks like a fun project that will also be a fun addition to the holiday season for years to come. And my oh my you have a cutie there. it was so nice to meet you.


  4. Mary Ann,

    I really have enjoyed checking out your pretty blog and seeing all of the great things you have made from your thrift shop finds. The advent calendar is a really good idea and looks great, too! I absolutely love those cute leggings and the little shirt you made from the children’s grandfather’s plaid shirt. Totally adorable!

    My best friend, Harriette, and I love to look for treasures at the thrift shops, too! It is such great fun and I like the idea that it is helping others, especially when shopping at Salvation Army, Habitat and SPCA’s thrift shops. What fun!

    It was so sweet of Vicki to, once again, host the fabulous Grow Your Blog party. Thanks so much for coming by my little blog and leaving a comment! I am signing up to follow your blog because I don’t want to miss seeing those great projects and getting some ideas!

    By the way, we live in Aiken, S.C., so I am tickled to find that there is another blogger living in S.C. and, maybe not so very far away! It sounds like we are in for some wintry weather here tomorrow.

    Have a great week!

  5. Visiting via Vicki’s GYBP and was in Cherry Grove last week but it was almost as cold as home…brrrrr. Your little girl is beautiful; best wishes on the blog party.

  6. This is great! Poppin’ in along the blog party route and I love how you re-purpose items of clothing. I do the same thing. I even knit a purse out of a bunch of t-shirt strips. Great fun here, for sure! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with! Stop by to see what I re-purpose! Aloha

  7. I found your blog through the GYBP and was reading your posts. When I found the one picture caption that mentioned being a Clemson fan I had to read further. Keep reading and I see that you used to live in Goose Creek. I live in Mount Pleasant, my oldest daughter lives in Goose Creek and my husband and I both graduated from Clemson! What a small world.

  8. Hi Mary Ann, I found your blog through the GYB event. I’m no good with a sewing machine, but I have a little girl called Annabelle too! 🙂 I look forward to following along in the future.

  9. Hi Mary Ann, i’m visiting from GRB. I don’t sew and my children are too big to wear leggons, lol, but I think if we searched we could find reason to become good friends. I often meet up with people I blog with as we drive to North Carolina each year to visit my grandkids. I just want to say it is colder here than in Prince Edward Island.

  10. Hi Mary Ann! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love all your upcycled projects. Most of my work involves upcycled materials too. I have been on a no buy for new fabric for 2 years unless it is absolutely necessary for completion of a project. Enjoyed your blog.

  11. Hey Mary Ann, just getting around for a visit from the GYBP. You sound like a younger me. I sewed for my girls when they were little. As a matter of fact, just taught my almost 10 year old granddaughter to sew today. She made a stuffed heart, a stuffed cat (very simple design) and a tote bag….all from a pair of her mom’s old scrubs. Enjoyed your blog and look forward to many more…..I’m a new follower. And the best part, I am also from South Carolina.

  12. Hi, nice to meet you and your very sweet daughter. I love your work. You are very inspirational. Thanks for sharing. Happy hopping!

  13. Nice to meet you Mary Ann! As my boys were growing up, until they hit high school I made ALL their clothes, right down to theiri underwear ;)…no kidding. I really love the Jalie patterns because they have so many sizes and we can adapt them in so many ways. I like recycling too and my favourite store is the local used clothing store. I am looking into making skirts from recycled knits….just have to find the perfect timing. Thanks for visiting my blog and I will be back for sure!

  14. Hi, nice to meet through GYB blog hop. Yes, I’m a bit obsessed about crafting too so I’m sure I’ll be stopping by again to see what you’re up to. Cute kiddos too.

  15. I like all things creative n thrifty and I found you from the GYB party.
    I don’t have a lot of blog time in for I just started blogging when I joined the blog party it was my New Year resolution. 600 entries and I am Reading my 477 blog and more to go. Whew a lot of good read and great giveaways too. I know the importance of having blogging followers so I dropped everything and doing the web work. My site and contact info is I believe inspiration comes from all facets of life even knowing the great people out there with wisdom and knowledge the do’s and don’ts and even the wonders of life from a personal point of view. And loving the crafting networks. following you on the Bloglovin

  16. Hello Mary Ann, wjat a lovely blog I really enjoyed reading it, I also enjoy sewing and make vintage silk scarves that I sell on my web site but I love to repurpose clothing too! I hope you will visit my blog when you get a minute.

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