One last Christmas post!

I need to get these finished up before we get past Valentine’s day! For my last post on holiday sewing, I need to show off a the Christmas outfits I made for the kids this year. Since Annabelle was a flower girl this summer, we simply added a red sash and previously owned sweater to her pretty white dress for church on Christmas eve. This meant I could skip sewing the fancy dress and have fun making her something comfy to wear on Christmas day and for several other family get togethers over the holidays. I found a giant black knit Santa jumper on the 5 for a dollar rack at one of my favorite thrift stores. It had a Santa on the chest and a line of them along the the hem.
This is what I turned it into:
Apparently we were way to busy over the holidays to bother taking a decent picture. Here you can see her showing off her style sense with those great fuzzy socks that came in her Christmas stocking. I used my favorite combo of hang out hoodie bodice with a sweatshirt neckline to make the bodice. It was the first time I made her something with a drop waist but I love the way it fit and showed off the Santas.
The red sleeves and collar are from an old red t shirt of mine. Another refashion where I could skip hemming. One more picture just because I can’t resist.

I was really proud of the way Emmett’s holiday shirt turned out. I made it during a frantic hour including printing the free pattern and ironing the shirt. Starting from here:
A hand me down shirt that belonged to Emmett’s gdaddy. He was very tickled to see what I had done with his old shirt when we saw them over the holidays. Here he is modeling it with the accessories his Nana bought him for Christmas.
He wasn’t sure about the hat but LOVED the bowtie!
He wore it again on Christmas eve.
I found the pattern here. and used the 18 month size. I would make the shirt a little longer if I used the pattern again. It seemed short compared to other 18 month clothes. I used the existing button plackets and cuffs. The cuffs were oversized but I really loved how that looked. I also liked the way the shirt was hemmed with bias tape.
I love that it isn’t too Christmasy so I know he will get more wear out of it. But only quickly because he is growing like a weed!


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