A Super Hero Christmas

Dress up has become a very big part of our lives. I remember when Annabelle was just turn 2 and I started collecting things for her dress up bin. I kept trying to get her excited about it and she was not impressed. I didn’t realize we just hadn’t hit that phase yet. Now that we have, it is so much fun. I love seeing the crazy outfits she comes up with and the scenarios she imagines while playing. I decided that this Christmas some super hero capes and masks would be a great gift idea.
Both the blue and purple fabrics were remnants I picked up at Hancock that feel a little fuzzy.
Emmett’s is lined with fabric from amazing red polyester shirt covered in silver stars. It had a line of giant star shaped buttons down the front and I scored it at the bottom of the 25 cent bin at the thrift store. I don’t have a photo that shows the lining of Annabelle’s but it is a shimmery iridescent costume fabric that also came from the remnant bin. The capes were a hit though I expect the masks will just hang out in the dress up bin for now.

Now I am off for some more super hero fun! Any ideas on what else a good dress up bin includes?


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