Christmas gifts part 2

I have a few other Christmas gifts to share today. First up, thanks to some Thanksgiving holiday plotting with my mom,I knew my dad was getting a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas. My dad wears a lot of Hawaiian shirts so I knew that pulling out one of the shirts I found at a thrift store would be the perfect starting place for a case. I lined it with some flannel and used some fusible fleece and very stiff interfacing inside to give a little strength to the case. I grabbed a hair elastic for the closure and Annabelle had a blast hunting through the button box for just the right one. Here is what we ended up with:

My favorite gift however was the one I made for my niece. It seriously might be my favorite thing I have ever sewn.
I used a tutorial from here: and went into my stash of very special fabric. I won a fat 8th bundle of Japanese prints last year and this black and red floral print was just perfect for this project. I found some other pretty fabrics to complement it and found the perfect black linen by chopping up a thrift store linen shirt. Again Annabelle was big help in choosing the perfect button.
Here it is stuffed and ready to go. I filled it with all sorts of writing supplies for the girl who is headed off to college for the first time next fall. Hope that she enjoys writing home (and to her Aunt Mary Ann every once in a while!)
Oh and those Harry Potter postage stamps are the coolest!
Now I need to pick some fabric and make one of these portfolios for myself!


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