Catching up! Christmas gifts part 1

Before Christmas I was in a frenzy of sewing and did not stop to share any of the things I made. Before I let anymore of the new year go by, I want to back track to share a few gifts I made.

I struggled on coming up with a great idea for my nephews this year. Teenage boys are a challenge to find gifts for. Am I right? I thought I came up with the perfect idea a few times only to have my husband look at me skeptically and gently say I don’t think so. My nephews don’t know how grateful they should be to their Uncle Bill for his reality checks this gift giving season. Finally, I had a brainstorm. I had picked up some camo fabric from the remnant bin and I had some really nice big chunky grommets from a failed plan to make my own shower curtain. (Please tell me I am not the only one that has big ideas and gets in over her head sometimes!) I have two nephews that enjoy hunting and fishing so I figured some drawstring backpacks stuffed with survival goodies like hot hands, slim jims, flashlights, and a blaze orange hat would be just the ticket.
These went together quickly and I had a lot of fun hunting for goodies to stuff them.

Their mom loved the zip pouch I had made for a her a few years ago but an unfortunate bleach cleaner episode had made it less cute. She let me know that she would love another. I love sewing zippered pouches so that was an easy one!
I put together a little home decor fabric and some corduroy from a giant thrift store jumper. I have used it in several other projects including an outfit for my daughter and there is still plenty left!
A bright pop of color and a little pocket make the inside fun and I love how the dimensions on this one let it sit open easily on the table.

I will be back tomorrow with a few more projects. Thanks for reading along!


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