Merry Christmas

Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a very merry Christmas!  Hope that your days are full of family, fun, and lots of yummy food.


While I am here I wanted to link up to Quilting Lines Christmas Tree Skirt Round Up: When I first started quilting and we were newlyweds and didn’t have a tree skirt. I pulled out all the red and green fabrics I had purchased from the remnant bins and pieced together a simple quilt top.  No time to quilt or bind it so I figured I would use it as a top and get around to the rest in January.  Unfortunately, this was also the year we adopted our retired racing greyhound.   When we brought in our Christmas tree, he misunderstood and thought we had installed indoor plumbing.  The quilt top was thrown in the wash, frayed, and has become destined to never be finished.  It is just not as much fun after all that you know?

So here I have the step by step tutorial for the easiest handmade tree skirt ever:

1. Go to a thrift store (I do this all the time)

2. Find a retro round tablecloth for $2, fall in love and bring it home.

3.  Realize you have never owned and probably never will own a round table.

4.  Cut a slit in the table cloth and a small circle from the middle.

5.  Hem the slit.  I used a rolled hem on my serger and even went the extra mile and changed the thread color to match the rolled hem on the table cloth.

6.  Put it under the tree and pray that your greyhound remembers his house training this year!


Merry Christmas!


Quilting Lines


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