Advent Calendar

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  I am in complete denial that the holidays are happening this year.  Everything is moving so fast.  But we watched the Macy’s Parade, ate lots of turkey, and even slipped out in the afternoon on Friday for a little Black Friday shopping. so there is no hiding my head anymore.  The decorations are coming out and it is time for me to really get started on my homemade Christmas gifts!


I just hung the Advent calendar and thought I would take a few quick shots to show off an old sewing project.  I made this a few years ago out of a few thrifted wool pieces that I felted.  Felting the wool is what you hope you never do by accident to your favorite sweater.  Wash it several times with hot water until it shrinks up and the fibers get really tight.  This creates a material that won’t fray and is perfect for applique and craft projects.


We fill it with pieces of paper listing all sorts of holiday activities.  Some are involved like attending a local living nativity, making holiday presents, and building our gingerbread house.   Others are simple like reading some Christmas books, drinking hot cocoa out of Holiday mugs, or making a Christmas craft.  Many are things we would be doing anyway like wrapping gifts and baking cookies.  Fridays are almost always PJ Movie night (a huge hit in our house) And no I do not have our entire Christmas season mapped out!  I did this last year with a one month old!  It has to be simple.  I have a list of possible ideas.   I filled out the first few days and keep  a placeholder simple one in the last slot in case I forget to fill out more.

I have to keep it real here folks.


When I put this calendar together I sewed a nice little sleeve on the top to hold a dowel and pictured it hanging from some decorative ribbon on the wall.  This is the second year in a row that we have clipped that thing up to the fridge with a couple of magnet clips.  It is quick, easy, and simple to lower for the preschooler to check each day and raise to keep it away from the toddler’s destructive tendencies!

We also made a homemade paper plate Advent wreath this morning but it turned out a little rough!  I should have known that starting with a paper plate, a glue stick, some construction paper and a very loose plan was not a recipe for success.  We had fun though and with copious amounts of tape, it might just last the season.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and if you get the chance let me know, how does your family celebrate Advent?


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