Pattern testing!

I was so excited to be selected to test a pattern for the talented Amy of Peek a Boo patterns.    I have watched the testers share their creations on the facebook group for awhile and it always seemed like it would be so fun to be in on the behind the scenes work.  Over the weekend, Amy put out a call for testers for her new slipper pattern and after getting a promise from Bill that I could sew as much as I needed to on Sunday, I signed up for both my kids sizes.  She picked me for the smaller size so I looked through my fabric for something I knew Emmett would love.  It didn’t take nearly as long as I worried it might.  And after a couple hours (including printing and tracing the pattern and being distracted by cute little people a few times) I had these.

slippers 1

slippers 2

The fabric is kind of a funny story.  It is not exactly my taste and I can say I don’t know how I could have avoided buying it.  While I was standing over the remnant bin at All about Fabrics, a very helpful complete stranger pulled out this Sesame Street flannel.  She looked at my two kids being so good and said “Here.”  Since she handed it to my daughter, there was no removing it from the cart.  She had been very patient and let me shop and there was no way I was forcing a meltdown by refusing to buy a half yard of Sesame Street flannel, even if there was a pile of unused flannel sitting at home.  So Elmo, Big Bird, and the rest came home with us.

I am so pleased that the slippers fit over his cute little wide baby feet. They stay on well and he loves them.  He brings them to me often, sitting down to ask me to put them on his feet.  And of course, now big sister has let me know that she needs a pair too (in the exact same fabric of course!)


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