Back to routine

It is a month after our big vacation and we are finally settling back into routine.  I have scaled the mountains of laundry and combed through the huge number of photographs.   I am finally back to squeezing out some time to sew and decided to make the kids a few more winter clothes before focusing on the holiday sewing I want to do.  I love making gifts and my poor family is subjected to them most every year.  They very politely act appreciative and if it is just an act, I am glad they are good at it!

Before I start on those plans, I couldn’t resist another pattern purchase.  The Hang -Out Hoodie by Peek A Boo patterns was on sale last week.  I love these patterns and the facebook group for these patterns is great.  The designer is online daily answering questions and others who use the patterns provide a lot of ideas and support as well.  I bought it planning on altering it to work with fleece since my daughter has grown out of almost all of her “fuzzy” shirts but decided to try it with a few t-shirts from the my thrift store pile first.  The first shirt I made for Annabelle turned out great but you will just have to imagine it.  It got a pomegranate stain the first day it was worn and after lots of stain remover attempts, it is now a “farm shirt”.  That is okay though.  She loves it and has worn it twice since I finished it on Saturday night!

The first one was such a hit that I made one for Emmett as well.   This was another thrift store shirt.  It was a huge men’s waffle knit henley.  It was just a Walmart brand but check this out:


Did you know Walmart had organic cotton shirts?  I definitely didn’t.  Since the shirt was on the 5 for a $1 rack, it was definitely worth picking up.  The waffle knit was way more challenging to sew with than t-shirt knit.  I think I should have done some stay stitching around the front placket.  It stretched out a lot going through the serger.


Emmett doesn’t seem to mind the flaws I see and he LOVES the hood.  He kept it on all afternoon and evening after I tried it on him to check the fit.  I consider that a win!


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