My perfect match

Through a very nice turn of events, including my husband’s company being purchased and my husband buying himself a very nice new dslr, I am now in the market for a sewing machine.  I love my primary machine, a vintage Singer 301.  It sews through anything and always just works.  But the more I get into garment sewing, I realize that between that machine and my serger I still have a gap.  The Singer 301 is only a straight stitch machine and my other vintage Singer that has a zig zag is still skipping stitches and driving me crazy even after a pricy tune up and repair.  My perfect machine would have a stretch stitch, an easy to use buttonhole tool, needle up/down options, and lots of space to the right of the needle.  It would also take a twin needle so I can hem knit garments with a professional look. I am hoping to use it to sew garments and quilt both with a walking foot and free motion.   I know no modern machine will be as solid and dependable as my all metal Singer but I can dream.  I will still probably use the Singer for quilt piecing and bag making.

I have been asking lots of people and reading lots online.  It is about time to make a trek out to some of the nearest Sewing machine dealers to try to test drive a few models.  Why am I writing this now before I have made any decisions?

Well today I stumbled on a fabulous giveaway from Amy’s Creative Life.  She is asking why we should be the one to win a brand new Babylock Melody.  My answer is simple.  It looks like that machine would do everything I am looking for and more!  Wow!  And if I could win it, imagine how much $ I would suddenly have for fabric and patterns!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

And just in case I don’t win, anyone have a sewing machine recommendation for me?


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