Other Disney outfits…

Our Disney trip was planned for 8 days and while I love sewing fun clothes for the kids for the trip, I couldn’t imagine making 8 princess dresses!  And really, when we get home that is more princess dresses than any dress up bin should hold.  There needs to be room for Monkey hats and super hero capes and all sorts of other fun types of pretend.  Here are a few other:

I made Annabelle a Minnie dress made from the Go-To Signature dress pattern.  This might be my favorite dress of the trip.  It is a knit dress and seems so comfy.


The night of the Hoop Dee Doo review she showed off her cowgirl style.


I won this fabric a few months ago from Alison at Little Bunny Quilts.   Her “fugly” fabric giveaway was our perfect cowgirl skirt!

Annabelle couldn’t stop twirling in her patchwork twirl skirt.   I admit I really wish I had made this one in my size!



The other new outfit was a Merida top made out of an thrift store corduroy dress.  I was definitely imagining the weather being a lot cooler than the 90 degree days we actually had.    This pattern is the Roly Poly Pinafore.  (Another lucky blog giveaway win for me!)



I love that she needed to add her own fashion statement with as many Mickey stickers as she could charm out of the cast members each day!

Thanks for letting me show off all of these fun creations.  I will try to get a post out in a few day with some of the outfits I made for the little dude.


3 thoughts on “Other Disney outfits…

    • It is a Joovy caboose Sit and Stand. We found it used on Craigslist and it worked perfectly for the trip. We don’t use a stroller a lot at home. My saddlebags got a lot of attention on the trip. They worked so well and gave us so much space to carry all the gear that 2 kids require!

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