Princess dresses

What is a trip to Disney world for a 3 year old girl without at least a few princess dresses?    Before our trip, Cinderella became a favorite.  Since I had bought a few yards of blue costume satin out of the remnant bin a while back I was happy when that was the princess Annabelle picked.  I was able to use one of the first pdf patterns I ever bought, The Simply Sweet by the Scientific Seamstress.  On her blog there is a great tutorial for princess-ifying (spell check says this isn’t a word but I think it should be) the pattern.  I added an embroidery of the pumpkin coach using some metallic thread that I picked up at a yard sale a long time ago.  I have heard horror stories about metallic thread and was really nervous but after much shouting, pouting and foot stomping  using a thread stand on the floor and slowing down the speed on my embroidery machine, I got it to work.  I was also able to dig through my never ending box of vintage trims (Thanks mom!) to find some fancy gold trim to add some extra sparkle.


She enjoyed comparing her dress to the “real” thing.  I was happy it washed up well after the trip and could pull double duty as her Halloween costume last night!


In August, we visited my parents in Maryland and she found out about the joys of cable tv and Disney Junior.  Suddenly the Cinderella dress was not enough and she NEEDED a Sophia the first dress as well.  Since I compulsively buy fabric, I had some purple satin in my stash as well.  I found it a while back at a thrift store and the tape they had left on it had left stains down the middle but fortunately there was just enough to carve out a dress.  This one is way more complicated.  I used the same bodice as the Cinderella dress and drafted a skirt pattern that would have the petals while still only being one layer of fabric.  I couldn’t imagine wanting to tour Disney in layers of skirts!  I splurged on the embroidery file to add the designs to the skirt and pulled purple and white trims from the same magic trim box.  I didn’t have the pom pom trim to make the skirt authentic but I am still happy with how it came out.



She looks happy too!


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