50 mile yard sale?

On Saturday we hit the 50 Mile Yardsale put on by the Hartwell Chamber of Commerce.  The name might have been a bit deceiving as the bulk of the yard sales were in about a 5 mile area.  There were definitely treasures to be found though.  Bill definitely scored with a working blender from a box of free items.  Annabelle has decided we need to try making paper so a blender was on our list of things to hunt for.   I hit the fabric jackpot but was on my best behavior.   A few pieces came home with me but I left plenty of fabric there for other treasure hunters.


There were two yards each of the black and white, and the aqua print.  The red geometric is about a yard.

This iron came home with me too.  My last older iron quit and the new one from Target just doesn’t do it.  I have high hopes for this beauty.


I spent 4 dollars on the fabric and 3 on the iron.  I also spent a quarter on this dishtowel:


I don’t have a good reason.  I told Bill I might start a quirky dishtowel collection.  I just couldn’t resist.  Could you?


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