Sparkly sweater to princess leggings refashion

While this refashion was not as simple or incredibly thrifty as the last one, I still love how it turned out.   Last week I decided to swing in to the Salvation Army on my way to run a few less fun errands.   I really can’t believe how much my kids cooperate with my thrift store habit.  My kids really are amazing.  It also helps that Annabelle knows that if she is patient with me, she can pick out a book before we leave.  This is the best 10 to 25 cent purchase.  It has made her love going with me on my thrift store adventures and built a huge collection of children’s books so I am not stuck reading the same ones over and over.

Anyway, as I pull in I see signs advertising all clothes and shoes are $1.  This does not bode well for my closet stuffed with clothes to do “something” with.  I found several treasures but this sparkly sweater is the first one I have tackled.


It was a ladies thin sweater knit in size extra large.  Bigger is always better when you are buying clothes to cut up and resew.   I loved the sparkly stretching fabric and I had bought  the Go-To leggings pattern a while back when they were having a sale.   I knew a gold sparkly pair of leggings would be a perfect addition to Annabelle’s fall wardrobe.  Anything frilly, ruffly, or sparkly is always a favorite.


After washing I found there was still a smallish stain near the hem but I was just barely able to cut the pattern out in a size 4 using the existing hem.  A size 5 would not have made it with out sewing on a separate waistband.  You can see that the printed tag from the neck line is included in the picture below.


I only had to sew a few seams and add elastic at the waist.  I love the method this pattern uses because I hate threading elastic through casings!  I recently decided that all my hoodies don’t need draw strings because I am never going to rethread them again after they come out in the wash.  Seriously!  Am I the only one who hates that?  Anyway, this pattern used a different method for the elastic and it worked great!

I ended up with these great leggings.


I have the sleeves and turtleneck left.  Definitely enough to make parts to a dress or a pair of baby leggings.  Any other ideas?


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