The perfect refashion! A Friday Finish

This was one of those sewing projects where everything just came together.  I have a new favorite thrift store in town.  They keep things really nice and neat inside but outside is a bin full of 25 cent clothes.  I can’t resist digging through and finding treasures.  I must look crazy with an almost 1 year old hanging out in the Ergo baby carrier on my chest while I keep looking over my shoulder to be sure the 3 year old isn’t touching/eating/filling her pockets etc. with anything gross she finds on the porch.  But finds like this make it all worth while:


It has it all.  Check out the tag:


Nice brand, organic cotton, pretty embroidered details, and the perfect blue for my daughter’s eyes.  The only problem is she wears a 4t so this was going to have to wait around for a few years before it fit.  I am not that patient!  So I quickly popped it on her while she was deeply engrossed in watching Brave.  Still working quickly I marked on an armhole where it would need to close under her arm and marked on the side where I wanted to keep the full width of the shirt.  Annabelle will not let me spend long trying things on her and just forget putting it back on to double check anything!  I was pleased to see the neckline wasn’t too big.  This made it an easy job.

I connected the marks and measured to keep it symmetrical on each side.


Then I  ran each line through my serger sewing new side seams and trimming away the extra all at once.


Just a few minutes  and for 25 cents I ended up with a dress perfect for Annabelle to pair with leggings for these warm SC fall days.



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