This is not the kind of mouse we are looking for!

With about 3 weeks left until our big much anticipated trip to see “The Mouse” and all of his princess friends down in Orlando, we pulled our pop up camper out of the barn to give it a little once over.  I like to make sure everything is clean and organized before we spend 9 days getting it messy and disorganized again.  We planned on vacuuming cushions, running dishes through the dishwasher, and making sure we had plenty of all the staples we keep in the camper all the time.  Instead when we popped the camper we were greeted by a snake slithering out to meet us.  He had apparently only come in to help us out with the mouse problem that had also developed over the last few months.  Ick!!!   We ended up scrubbing cushions, cleaning out all of the cabinets, seeing which towels could be salvaged, and most depressing of all, researching how to patch holes in the canvas.

Fortunately, a google search led me to  Thankfully, John was able to send me a patch of sunbrella fabric and screening quickly and very reasonably!  My resourceful husband wrestled the canvas off the camper and I spent a few nights wrestling it through the very small throat space of my Singer 301.


I also spent an afternoon carefully hand sewing the screen patches but now it is all done.  The canvas is rehung.  Everything is cleaned.  All possible entrances to the campers are sealed with aluminum tape and steel wool.  We had a successful backyard camping trip and can’t wait to set up in Fort Wilderness for the real thing!



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