Happy Halloween

Sorry for the break in posts!  Last time I wrote it was just starting to feel like fall.  Now it is undeniably completely fall.  The leaves are falling.  The air is cool.  There is a Jack-o-lantern grinning at me from the counter and the seeds are toasting in the oven.  We have been so busy I haven’t taken the time to write.  We are making progress on a lot of fronts.  The land loan stuff is coming together.  The house really feels like a home now that the book cases are painted and all of our books are unpacked.  Books really are necessary for a house to feel like a home.  Speaking of books, I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle right now.  It is awesome!  I am learning so much and getting motivated to live better.  I could write more but it would take over the post.  Maybe I will talk about it more after I finish it.  For now, I will say, “Read it!”

We are continuing to tackle projects outside as well.  We have done a lot of research on the plants we already have on property.  We ordered 2 paw paw trees and a few blueberry bushes.  I found the Foundation Seed Program through Clemson and am looking forward to ordering heirloom seeds for spring.  Today we rebuilt/repaired a few cold frames from parts left in the barn.  I felt particularly clever when I found the perfect hinges on another piece of scrap in the barn.  We are trying out the cold frames with some lettuce and turnip seeds.  It is probably way to late in the season but we will see what happens.  We are continuing to pick up pecans and pick the pomegranates as they split.  Yum!  If you have never had a pomegranate fresh from the tree you are missing out.   And if you have never seen a pomegranate tree, it looks like something straight out of Dr. Suess.

We have plenty more to do but it feels great to be making progress.  Oh, and if anyone knows anything great to do with pomegranates please let me know.  Right now we are eating them plain, in yogurt, and (my favorite) in pomegranate martinis.  What else can we do?


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