Feels like fall

Today was a busy day around the house. It really felt like fall with the beautiful weather and we spent all day outside. A quick walk to check out the status of the pecan trees turned into over an hour of pecan collecting. Bill had to run back to the house for more buckets… twice. We ended up collecting about 7 gallons of pecans. Almost all of these came from just one of the trees. All of the others haven’t quite starting dropping yet. We are going to have more pecans than I can imagine using. Certainly more than I can imagine cracking. In the afternoon we opened up the camper and looked things over in hopes of getting a fall camping trip in next weekend. Then in a bit of role reversal, I cleaned out the gutters while Bill played with Annabelle. It felt great to get something accomplished.

Through all of our adventures today we were accompanied by our newest “family” member. Yesterday we were adopted by Petey, the pigeon. He showed up on our back windows and asked to come in. Of course we didn’t let him in but we went out to visit and fed him some bread. He spent all evening hanging on the storm door trying to be part of things. Today he was waiting for us on the back porch. He spent a lot of time helping Annabelle pick up pecans but also closely observed Bill while he worked on the Bronco and on the camper. He came up to help me with the gutters and just hung out only a few inches away from me on the roof. After spending a lot of the day trying, Annabelle managed to pet Petey once. He didn’t seem to mind. The dogs made an attempt to get to know Petey as well but that made him a little nervous. Happily he came back anyway. I hope he comes back again tomorrow. Here is a picture of Annabelle and her friend.


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