Making progress

I went back tonight and read the first post I wrote on June 12th.  As the minor frustrations pile up, it is so important to remember the excitement and keep our dreams in mind.  It is also important to acknowledge and celebrate the progress so far.  There has been a lot of progress in the last 4 months.  Most amazingly, the house in Charleston sold!  This was not without complications but still a huge reason to celebrate.  We are no longer home owners.  It is strange to celebrate this when 5 years ago we were so excited to own that home and call it our own.  But now it is a huge weight off our shoulders and an important step to actually owning our little house on the dairy.

In other news, we have a beautiful new front door, railings that are safe and lead free, a pretty kitchen floor, painted rooms, and a termite bond.  We have settled in and are making friends.  We bought a pomegranate tree and plowed a plot to start getting ready for a garden.  We are chasing the dream and we are closer and closer to making it ours!


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