Skirt upcycle part 2

Last night after several battles with my serger I finished Annabelle’s skirt.  I learned a lot but the tricky part about upcycling is that I will never have a project quite like that one again.  Hopefully I will be able to apply what I learned to other projects anyway.  The biggest thing I realized was that you can never leave too much fabric around the cute trim that you want to save.  I ended up with a messy waistband casing and using a lot of fray check on the bottom to keep the pretty ribbon on the top and the cute rick rack on the bottom.  Hopefully the fray check will hold.  I haven’t used it before so I may end up hemming the skirt more and losing the rick rack after it has been washed.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  It flairs out over that cloth diaper and swishes delightfully when she walks.  Annabelle was happy too although she wasn’t that happy when I took the picture.

She had her shoes on and wanted to go.  She didn’t understand why I was wasting time taking pictures when we could be going places and doing things.  Please disregard my wild eyed dog.  She didn’t photograph too well.  I promise she isn’t a zombie.

I still have a scrap of skirt fabric left but since my sister told me I was not to make Bill a matching vest for family photos (and Wendy knows everything) I think I am finished with this project.  Time to get to work on another project from the pile.


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