Skirt upcycle

I am so excited to be getting my sewing space finally set up in our little house. It was tough to adjust to a corner of the living room after having the whole FROG to spread out in before. There has been some creative repurposing and I will definitely share photos when it is finished. I just couldn’t wait to get back to sewing though and have jumped into a project while the space is still not quite done.
I started with a very fun patterned skirt that my mother-in-law wore to our rehearsal dinner a few years ago. I forgot to take a picture before I started so I hope she will forgive the use of one from that night without permission. The photo also shows off my brother’s snazzy jean shorts so I know you will enjoy!

The elastic on the skirt had given up and she hoped I could make it into something for Annabelle. Annabelle visited the skirt frequently while it waited for me to get around to it. She loved to play with it and I know she would love something made from it. However, I loved it to0 much to use it all for her!

I am not sure why I have one eye glowing in the photo but hopefully you will be too distracted by the fabulousness of my skirt or the greyhound rear end taking up all of the floor space to notice. I still have enough material to make her skirt but I need to take some measurements and I am not sure I am stealthy enough to get them without waking her up. I will definitely share photos of hers when it is done too.  I’m not sure about us wearing them at the same time… what is your take?  Can we match or would that be too much?


2 thoughts on “Skirt upcycle

  1. That skirt is awesome. Sewing is on my to do list but I just haven’t gotten there yet. I think matching mom/daughter skirts can be cool under certain circumstances so you should go for it!!!

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