The storm taketh away…

Before the storm, I had taken pictures and mentally written a whole different post.  We made a trip down to the fig tree and picked a big batch of figs.  We also picked a few apples and blended up a few batches of puree.  Now I have to warn you.  This is not a pretty sight.

I don’t know what color I was expecting but it really turned out…. tan.  However if you closed your eyes it tasted delicious.  We spread the puree on silpats and loaded up the dehydrator.  We had so many figs picked we even made a few sheets of sliced figs to load up the dehydrator.

They looked so pretty here.  Sadly about 2 hours after we fired up the dehydrator, the power went out.   We unplugged the dehydrator and just didn’t look because without water what are you really going to do.  If you thought the fruit leather looked unappetizing before imagine it with a nice layer of white mold…. ewww!  The garage smelled sickeningly sweet and a little like wine.  Fortunately my wonderful husband dealt with the fig carnage and after several scrubbings and a soak in lemon juice my silpats are almost good as new.

Besides the heart breaking demise of the fruit leather, we only had a few other casualties in the storm.  We lost limbs off of the pecan trees and a couple scrappy pines fell.  Fortunately they didn’t land in the road so we can take our time dealing with those.  The saddest mistake was that we had storm windows leaning against the side of the house.  Two fell and broke so we will be making a trip to the glass store soon.

After seeing the damage other places, we are happy we were safe and the damage here was minor.  Hopefully the weather will be less eventful for a while and we can get caught up on all we need to get done.


3 thoughts on “The storm taketh away…

  1. My Husband and I are working toward the same thing and having spent my whole life in some kind of urban setting, so having just found this I am really enjoying reading your story so far as the thought of no flushing toilet or running water after a storm scares the bejeezus out of me. Can’t wait to read more!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I spent a minute looking at your blog and definitely will go back to read more. I want to read all about your expenses with chickens. I really want to try that but feel a little overwhelmed by it right now. I definitely am not use to this level of “country” either. I definitely suspect a generator will be in my future. Flush toilets are more than a luxury, you know? 🙂

  2. Thanks, The chicken thing has been a long time dream of mine once I started struggling with getting any old egg from the grocery store. Luckily they have not been too expensive and they have really been a lot of fun. We are starting to get around 6 eggs a week right now which is kind of exciting!!! I could do without heat and electricity but running water….yikes. 🙂

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