The storm giveth…

We had a huge storm last weekend.  At a near by campground a camper was struck by lightening.  A neighbor lost part of his roof and one of his outbuildings blew over.  We lost power for more than 24 hours!!  At first losing the power seemed kind of fun and exciting.  It reminds me of being a kid when power outages meant canceled school, late bedtimes, and cooking hot dogs over the fireplace.  It started off well.

But the next morning as we surveyed the damage and drank coffee from the gas station down the street, I was ready to have power back!  This was also the first time I fully understood the joys of living with a well means no power also means no water.  I like water.  It is good to drink and useful for little things like washing your hands and flushing toilets!

However, this post is suppose to be about what the storm gave us.  So I will stay focused.  It gave us a huge adventure and an excuse to go visit Bill’s family for showers late on Saturday afternoon.  More tangibly it gave us pears.  Lots and lots of pears.  The storm shook the trees hard enough to drop pears all over under one on the pear trees.  We picked them up and after sorting out the bad ones for the compost bin we were left with this:

This variety of pears is more of a cooking pear.  Once power was back we spent a few hours peeling, chopping, and simmering.  We ended up with  9 and 1/2 quarts of pears in the freezer.  I foresee pear pies in our future because I’m not quite sure what else to do with cooked pears but they are delicious!

Sadly although the storm giveth it also taketh away.  Stay tuned for the story of the fruit leather that almost was and the other downsides to the storm adventure.


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