Landscaping on the farm

It sounds like a red neck joke. Most people prune bushes using pruning shears and hedge clippers. Here on the farm we use a Ford Bronco and a tractor to haul away the wreckage. Let me explain: things have gotten really overgrown here.

The holly bushes flanking the front door were huge and mean and prickly. They just had to go.  The picture above is after we got rid of them so imagine another bush squeezed in between the railing and the other bushes.  We weren’t interested in bleeding on the bushes more than necessary.  So, we wrapped a chain around each of them and found a sturdy spot on the back of the bronco.  It took some effort even with the bronco but we pulled them out.   The best part was when I told Bill I wanted a turn.  The look on his face was priceless. That is mine on the left.

Boy that was fun! The best part might have been shocking Bill but it was also pretty cool when I realized mine was bigger!

The house looks better already but the snake that was living behind the holly might disagree. Hopefully he will find a new home a little further away.

Since the picture of the front was taken we have taken out the railings because of lead paint and gotten a new pretty front door.  I will post more pictures of the front as we get things pruned back and the replacement railings put up!


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