Annabelle’s dresser

Sorry for the delay between posts.  We have been super busy tackling projects all over the house.   Over the next week I’m hoping to catch up and write about some of the things we have gotten done .  I’m also hoping to give you a little tour of the house and where we are now and what we hope to get done next.

One of the projects we did was to get Bill’s old dresser painted and dressed up for Annabelle’s room.  It was an old wooden dresser.  It was too small to hold Bill’s clothes and the light colored wood just didn’t work with Annabelle’s crib.  After way more cans of spray paint than we expected it is a pretty shiny white.  The big part of the face lift however were the knobs.  We found these really cool old knobs in Bill’s grandmother’s china cabinet.

They were so pretty but the black that you see is years of old grime.  We believe these knobs were part of a built in cabinet in the house in Spartanburg where Bill’s grandmother grew up.

So after about 20 minutes of scrubbing on each knob, we ended up with something clean and sparkling and perfect for our little girl’s room.

Probably if we took them to Antique’s Roadshow they would say they should never have been cleaned but they are bringing a lot more joy in Annabelle’s room than closed up in a cabinet.

I’ll show you some more projects soon and tell you how I used Bill’s bronco and ripped a holly bush straight out of the ground!


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