Little annoyances, very little

There were lots of things I worried would be frustrations as we made the transition to the little house. As it turns out my Dad was right again and most of the things you worry about really aren’t problems. There is one very little unexpected problem though. Fruit flies are driving me mad. They crawl on the fruit, the counters, my coffee cup, the trash can, even the dirty diapers! What really worries me is the order they are crawling on them in. I know they have little feet but even the littlest poppy footprints are really a gross concept.

So what do we do? I tried to buy traps but couldn’t find them. We are trying bowls of soapy vinegar water and they are working but so slowly I am afraid we aren’t keeping up with the population increase. Any suggestions? I’m getting desperate and Annabelle is starting to copy my random smacking at the walls and counters!


3 thoughts on “Little annoyances, very little

  1. Unfortunately the only thing I can recommend is not keeping fruit out on the counters. It was worse about a month ago – it seemed like every batch of bananas I brought it brought along twenty flies. Recently, this has been a non-issue – I have bananas and no flies. However, I also had my house treated for fleas at that time as well… I wonder if that’s what got rid of them.

  2. My mom use to use soapy water…she used Dawn soap (water and soap to make suds) and some fruit juice to attract them…once they hit the water they died.

    Good luck!!

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