Happy 4th of July

You can’t help but feel in the spirit of the 4th when either direction you head from your house the first  or second commercial building you come to is a store selling fireworks.  I’m not talking a temporary stand but an honest to goodness store.  Somehow Bill has resisted the temptation so far but I’m still expecting him to run out and buy some this afternoon!

In  other neighborhood news, last night we had some strange happenings out front.  First, at about 11, Bill noticed a car appearing to do a 3 point turn in the front yard.  Since there isn’t that much traffic and plenty of other places to turn around this seemed really odd.  About a half hour later we noticed flashing lights out front.   We wondered if the 3 point turn was actually someone who got stuck in a ditch.  Was it a tow truck?  Bill went out to check and discovered 2 fire trucks parked out in front of our house and one of our pine trees laying down across the road.   Now the guy who made the 3 point turn is making a lot of sense.  The firemen had called for a chain saw and were planning on cutting it up to get it out of the road.  Bill volunteered to move it with the tractor.  This was a bit daring as he hasn’t driven the tractor in years.  I can say for certainty at least 5 years and I’m not sure about before that.  So at 11:45 he finds the keys and heads out in the darkness to get the tractor.  Since Annabelle was asleep and I was in pj’s I watched from the window holding my breath certain something was bound to go wrong.  This seemed to me to have disaster written all over it.  However, thankfully, things were less eventful from here.  He moved the tree and visited while neighbors and firemen stood around a little while longer and then adventure was over.  Well except for the pine tree in the front yard that needs to be cut up and dealt with.

Inside the house things are getting done.  Annabelle’s room is painted and we hope to move her back in tonight!  But we are going to take a break for a picnic by the creek now.  It is definitely time to enjoy the outside.  After all, this is why we moved here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!


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