Chasing our dream…

A little over a year ago on a drive home from a camping trip we had a conversation about dreams.  I was pregnant with our daughter Annabelle.  Although we didn’t know her yet, we talked about the possibility of raising her in a better place: a place with more space and air and room to run and play.  We talked about growing our own vegetables and fruit and raising chickens for eggs.  In the last few months our dream has suddenly gone from a pipe dream to a possibility to a certainty.  We are packing up our life in the suburbs of Charleston and moving to Bill’s family farm in rural Anderson county.

There were so many challenges at first.  We wondered if we could afford to buy the farm when the time came.   We wondered if Bill could find a new job that would allow us to live in such a rural location.  We wondered if we were really ready to leave friends and our current home for this new adventure.  All of those obstacles have worked out although we still struggle with leaving our friends here in Charleston.

We still have many challenges a head of us.  Practically, we have to sell our house in Charleston.  We have to learn about farm loans and conservation programs and agreements with the hunt club who uses the land.  We have a lot of painting and work to do on the house at the farm.  We have a lot to learn about gardening and bees and hopefully someday chickens or even goats.  But those are challenges for the days ahead.  Today I focused on filling boxes, getting organized and trying to keep life as normal as possible for our 13 month old daughter who doesn’t understand quite what is going on.

The boxes are almost all packed and Bill’s new job starts in a few days.  June 25th is official moving day.  Lots of people chase dreams.  I never thought we would catch ours so quickly.  Wish us luck and stick around to see what comes next as I document our adventure.


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